More Than Half Of “Normal Weight” Americans Actually Have Too Much Body Fat

More Than Half Of “Normal Weight” Americans Actually Have Too Much Body Fat

(CBS) April 2, 2008 Think you can tell whether people are overweight just by looking ...

Smoking lounge Sugar East opens on Upper East Side

Hold on to your butts. Smoking may be banned in most businesses and public spaces, but the city is home to several holdouts where it’s still legal to light up a cigarette or cigar indoors. The newest of the bunch opened last week on the Upper East Side. Sugar East is one of only eight […]

COPD – the overlooked smokers disease!

About 20% of adolescents and adults smoke. Most people start smoking in their teens and many continue the habit for a lifetime. But a short lifetime! Smoking on average reduces life expectancy by 14 years. While most of us can expect to live these days into our 80’s, smokers are more likely to die in […]

Does drinking soda in childhood lead to osteoporosis as we get older?

Mondays I do my 2 hour live radio show on Doctor Radio – Sirius 114, XM 119. Today we had a great show but one of the topics that really stuck in my mind was the hour on osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones lose calcium and become weak, prone to breaking (a […]

Living well – keeping your heart healthy

Recently a young woman came to my office for consultation. 47 years old, married and 3 children, she had perfected the art of multi-tasking. Taking care of her kids and co-ordiating her husband, managing the household, working a part-time job as well as finding time to keep up her friendships with her girlfriends. She came […]

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