Born and raised n London, England, Dr Whiteson attended Medical School at the prestigious University College Hospital, University of London. During his medical school, Dr Whiteson also completed an undergraduate degree in human physiology, focusing on cardiac and pulmonary performance and exercise training. He graduated medical school in 1989 and trained in internal medicine for 5 years in London before immigrating to the US to follow his chosen area of specialty in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Dr Whiteson attended the world-renowned Rusk Institute at New York University Langone Medical Center, completing his residency program in physical medicine and rehabilitation in 1998. He was invited to participate in fellowship training in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, which he completed June 1999. Initially appointed as the inpatient director on the cardiac rehab floor, he was rapidly promoted to become the Director of the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Wellness program at Rusk Institute, the position he currently holds. He is also part of the Senior Leadership team of Rusk Institute and Medical Director of the Rusk Institute Outpatient program.

Dr Whiteson is dedicated to the development of his specialty and coordinates multiple research projects in the areas of cardiac, pulmonary and vascular rehabilitation. He has published articles and abstracts in numerous peer reviewed journals, written chapters on cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation published in the fields leading textbooks, and lectures at National meetings and review courses on these topics. Through his teaching endeavors, Dr Whiteson is dedicated to bringing the field of cardiac and pulmonary wellness to the forefront of his students expertise, aiming to promote disease prevention as a better approach to healthy living than responding once major illness presents.

Dr Whiteson’s focus is on improving quality of life by promoting health and wellbeing.  Through his work with thousands of in- and outpatients at the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center at Rusk, he has helped patients suffering from debilitating heart and lung conditions regain their health, strength and vitality and go on to lead productive and rewarding lives. Building on this valuable experience, he is spending more time treating people with risk factors for heart and lung disease to help prevent the occurrence of disease – primary prevention, so keeping people healthy and productive. He emphasizes family involvement in the heart healthy lifestyle through family activity and exercise programs as well as food shopping and cooking.

Dr Whiteson is frequently quoted by the media, appearing on local and national TV news stations. He is quoted in leading journals, papers and magazines, and hosts a live, weekly medical call-in show on Doctor Radio. Catch him on channel 114 on Sirius Satellite Radio, XM 119, every Monday morning 6-8am EST.  Call in with your health questions and let Dr Whiteson steer you to the best in health and wellbeing.

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